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Granary Yacht Harbour (formerly Melton Boatyard) takes its name from the traditional former granary building which can be found there. It is a landmark which is readily visible from the river and thus was an obvious choice when it came to choosing a name for the newly formed harbour.

In 1982 when Mel Skeet & Richard Upshall acquired the boat yard, it had become so run-down it could best be described as derelict. Since then there has been a programme of constant improvement to reach the level of facilities and services which are now offered.

Mel's son, Simon,  has now joined the team to bring some youthful vigour to future plans.

Customers enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and a great many who had the courage to come in the early days, when facilities were very basic, still come for Winter Lay-up or have their boats in the harbour.

If you own a boat, enjoy informality and the company of like-minded people, you could be missing out!......Why not give us a call?

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