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Melton Reach is the stretch of river between us and Woodbridge Tide Mill. Melton is a centuries old port, but  even so most navigation charts stop at Woodbridge.

To remedy this, we have installed our own bouyage system and a chart of this is included here for your use....

You are very welcome to print-off a copy of this chart for your own use.

Legal Note

Our Buoyage system is for our own use and made available to others for guidance only and it remains the responsibility of the boat's skipper to ensure the safety of his/her vessel. Marker buoys may be dragged out of position by factors outside our control and for this reason we cannot give any warranty as to the accuracy of our chart at any given time. It is also necessary for us to remove buoys for maintenance from time to time  and this should be borne in mind when referring to the chart.

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